Bespoke Sofas & Chairs

Queen Ann chair made to order

Queen Ann chair made to orde


What is Bespoke


We work collaboratively with our clients to create unique furniture or to sensitively restore a much loved antique. From consultation to design and upholstery, we are focused on creating something that matches your requirements and reflects your individual style.


The process takes roughly between three weeks and a month, depending on your participation and availability. We believe that furniture plays an important role in people’s lives therefore we allow you plenty of time to make any decisions.


1.Email us a picture of the furniture with details of the measurements, its conditions and your requirements.


2. we will meet at your house – this gives us a view of your space. (We recommend clients provide us with picture of their living environment)


3. We discuss your ideas like: colours, fabrics and styles, how often you use the furniture and when (to relax, to watch TV, to read a book etc)


4. We show you samples of Fabrics to get your feedback.


5. We propose ideas on how the furniture will be revamped (shape, technique, materials).

We suggest to clients to choose natural materials, which are more environmentally friendly. However, clients can choose whatever materials they prefer.


6. We allow up to a week to prepare a proposal, and to research materials and textiles.


7. We usually have a second meeting with you to propose the design and discuss further ideas. We take in consideration your suggestions and responses as we proceed.


8.At this point if you are happy with everything we proceed to completion. The piece is ready to be enjoyed and now we can celebrate with a glass of wine.


Here at Gabrielle House Design  our hand crafted Irish made frames are made with kiln dried hardwood beech what this means is that kiln-dried frames are far more superior than the softwood that’s is in imported furniture. kiln dried hardwood ensure that up to 92% of the moisture is removed from the wood. This huge reduction in moisture ensures that over time the wood won’t bend or shrink with changes to humidity or temperature. This is particularly important given the Irish climate.Our frames comes with a 10 year guarantee so  we would look forward to seen you return to Gabrielle House Design after the 10 years to have your peace of furniture re-upholstered and brought up to date

Our bespoke is made to a high standard

Our bespoke is made to a high standard


we make footstools to order

we make footstools to order